Silver pendant with violet cold enamel and colourful stones





  • Pendant for women made of 925 Sterling silver with violet cold enamel and colourful stones
  • Detailed, multi-level design with cut-outs, lofted cosmic details and an eye with a violet zirconia stone as the centrepiece
  • Elaborately designed back with fine engraved lines, lofted dots and cut-out

Cosmic talismans: an eye set with a violet zirconia stone is this small pendant’s centrepiece and symbolizes foresight and luck. It is surrounded by lofted star elements, half-moons and colourful stones.

  • Category Pendants
  • Material 925 Sterling silver, blackened, cold enamel
  • Colour silver-coloured, white, pink, violet, red, blue
  • Stones zirconia white, zirconia pink, zirconia violet, synthetic corundum red, glass-ceramic stone
  • Clasp eyelet
  • Height approx. 33.00 mm (1.30 Inch)
  • Width approx. 24.00 mm (0.94 Inch)


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