Silver pendant with pinkish cold enamel and cosmic details





  • Pendant for women made of recycled silver with a heart planet as the centrepiece
  • Designed with many details: sublime cosmic symbols, shimmery pinkish cold enamel and stone embellishment in white, purple and pink
  • The pendant’s back is decorated with the engraving FOLLOW YOUR HEART, sublime dots, engraved stars as well as hearts and fine engraved lines

The small pendant made of recycled, slightly blackened silver is elaborately designed with cosmic symbols, pinkish cold enamel and stones. With its heart planet as the centrepiece on the front, this pendant is more than a mere piece of jewellery. This pendant allows you to discover the sky’s beauty, and with the engraving FOLLOW YOUR HEART it encourages you to follow your heart.

  • Category Pendants
  • Material 925 Sterling silver, blackened, cold enamel
  • Colour silver-coloured, white, pink, violet, red, blue
  • Stones zirconia white, zirconia pink, zirconia violet, synthetic corundum red, glass-ceramic stone
  • Clasp eyelet
  • Height approx. 33.00 mm (1.30 Inch)
  • Width approx. 24.00 mm (0.94 Inch)


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