Single earring butterfly silver





  • Single ear cuff for women made of 925 Sterling silver
  • Ear jewellery for your left ear in the form of a butterfly
  • Perfect hold due to clasp with stud below and integrated ear cuff above

Ready to fly away? With this silver single ear cuff, you carry a colourful butterfly on your ear every day. This extravagant single cuff earring is skilfully crafted by hand in about five hours. The blackened 925 Sterling silver gives this ear jewellery an expressive effect with a mystical touch. The butterfly’s wings are slightly curved, so that it clings perfectly to the left ear. Besides the unique design language, 35 differently-sized faceted stones in rainbow colours attract all eyes. Their variety of colours is flawlessly reflected from the mother-of-pearl inlays of this single ear cuff. An all-round fascinating piece of jewellery that symbolises the richness of nature.


  • Category Earrings
  • Material 925 Sterling silver, blackened
  • Colour silver-coloured, red, pink, white, violet, yellow, green, blue
  • Stones glass-ceramic stone, mother-of-pearl, synthetic corundum red, zirconia white, zirconia violet, zirconia amethyst-coloured, zirconia olive, zirconia yellow, synthetic spinel blue
  • Clasp Lever back
  • Height approx. 43.00 mm (1.69 Inch)
  • Width approx. 23.00 mm (0.91 Inch)


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