14kt Yellow Gold Ankh Cross Pendant Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold





The ankh cross, or “”key of life,”” was recognized in Ancient Egypt for symbolizing eternal life, and makes a meaningful and stylish accessory, too! Our pretty pendant necklace features the ankh glowing in diamond-cut and polished 14kt yellow gold. Suspends from a rope chain. Springring clasp, 14kt yellow gold ankh cross pendant necklace.

Length: 3/4 inch
Width: 3/8 inch
Metal: 14kt Yellow Gold
Gold Weight: 0.7 grams
Finish: Diamond-Cut and Polished
Chain: Rope
Chain Size: 0.7 mm
Clasp: SpringringFits
Chain: 2.5 mm14KT: Karat (abbreviated kt or K) is a unit that indicates the purity of gold in the metal. 14kt is 58.33% gold. In the United States, 14K yellow gold is most favored and used in jewelry.DIAMOND-CUT: A finish that incorporates highly polished cuts or facets which create a reflective sparkle similar to the appearance of diamonds.

All weights and measures are approximate.


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