Green Chalcedony Pendant Necklace in 10kt Yellow Gold. 18″

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Canaria fine jewelry. Perfect for everyday wear, these genuine 10kt gold wardrobe essentials are fashionable, fun and designed to last a lifetime. Strong and durable, our collection of gold classics is always a great value. This verdant 8mm round, 8x10mm oval and 12x25mm pear-shaped green chalcedony necklace adds bold color to your ensembles. Crafted in polished 10kt yellow gold and suspended from a cable chain. Springring clasp, green chalcedony pendant necklace.

Length: 2 inches
Width: 1/2 inch
Metal: 10kt Yellow Gold
Finish: Polished
Chain: Cable
Chain Size: 1.10 mm
Clasp: Springring
Bale: SingleFits
Chain: 4 mm
Gemstone 1: Chalcedony ( Color: Green, Quantity: 1, Shape & Cutting Style: Oval Checkerboard, Size: 8×10 mm)
Gemstone 2: Chalcedony ( Color: Green, Quantity: 1, Shape & Cutting Style: Pear Checkerboard, Size: 12×25 mm)
Gemstone 3: Chalcedony ( Color: Green, Quantity: 1, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Checkerboard, Size: 8 mm)10KT: Karat (abbreviated kt or K) is a unit that indicates the purity of gold in the metal. 10kt is 41.67% gold.CHALCEDONY: a family of minerals that is often milky gray or bluish in color. Chalcedony includes a number of stones including onyx (black), carnelian (waxy red), agate (wide ranging palette) and bloodstone (brownish red.)OVAL: An elliptical shape that resembles an egg.CHECKERBOARD: A technique that creates a contrast of dark and light when light hits the pattern of square or diamond-shaped facets.PEAR: Similar to the outline of a pear fruit, this is a round shape that comes to a point on one side.

All weights and measures are approximate.

Most gemstones have been treated to enhance their natural beauty.


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