Mother-of-Pearl Bali-Style Floral Drop Earrings with Sterling Silver and 18kt Yellow Gold




Lovely floral designs dance upon 35x22mm carved mother-of-pearl teardrops. Enhanced with touches of oxidized sterling silver and polished 18kt yellow gold, these Bali-style earrings have an elegant quality. Hanging length is 2″”. Earwire, mother-of-pearl Bali-style floral drop earrings.

Width: 7/8 inch
Metal: Sterling Silver and 18kt Gold
Finish: Polished
Backing: WireHanging
Length: 2 inches
Gemstone 1: Mother of Pearl ( Color: White, Quantity: 2, Shape & Cutting Style: Carved, Size: 35X22 mm)18KT: Karat (abbreviated kt or K) is a unit that indicates the purity of gold in the metal. 18kt is 75% gold. In Europe, 18K yellow gold is most favored and used in jewelry.WIRE: sometimes called “”shepherd’s hooks”” or “”fishhooks,”” earwires are a thin, hook-shaped earring backs. They thread onto the ear and can sometimes be squeezed into place or held on with a rubber clutch.MOTHER-OF-PEARL: Glowing with an iridescent beauty, mother-of-pearl has been showcased in jewelry designs for thousands of years. As mother-of-pearl is a natural substance, it may vary in appearance, and its distinctive shimmer lends a quiet elegance to fine jewelry.CARVED: When a gemstone is cut so that the outline or surface takes the form or likeness of a specific image or pattern.

All weights and measures are approximate.


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